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DCI Drum Corp Competition – Salem, Va. – Aug 2010

Are you into Drum Corp competitions?  Or maybe you don’t know what that is?  It’s “professional” marching band – at its absolute finest!  These performers are the best of the best.  It’s amazing!! 

I had the opportunity – and the pleasure – to take photographs at the Summer Music Games of Southwest Virginia, held in Salem, Va., in August 2010.  Seven drum corps competed:   Blue Devils, Carolina Crown, Glassmen, Colts, Crossmen, Jersey Surf, and Cascades.  It was an incredible show!  I’ve posted two galleries on SmugMug.com of the show.  The first gallery is called “On the Lot,” and it includes photographs of several of the corps unloading, warming up, drilling, etc.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to photograph all of the corps in the pre-show setting, because several of the corps arrived after the competition had started.  The second gallery is called “The Competition,” and it includes photos of all of the competing corps, taken from the stands fairly close to the 50-yard line.  The photos in this section are in the order of the competition, which was the reverse order of the placement of the corps.  (The corps placed in the order that they are listed above.) 

Take a look – and enjoy!