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Perhaps strength
doesn’t reside in
having never been broken
. . . but in the courage
to grow strong
. . . in the
broken places

by Kristen Jongen [from butrfly3’s Blog,]


“and in the in between”

This is hanging in my massage therapist’s office. She got it from a little artsy shop in Memphis.  The artist – and poet – is Kristen Jongen.   

     getting quiet is always good

     in the stillness clarity emerges

     in the breath the answers reveal themselves

     and in the in between

     there is peace


The Free Wild Things

This is a little poem is by Bev Doolittle.  I discovered it on a print some time ago and wrote it on a slip of paper that has been with me for quite a while.  It struck a chord with me somehow, so  I thought I’d share it with you…  Please read it slowly, and let nature overtake you.  My gift to you.

A broken song beneath the snow,
the echo of a soaring joy, 
a shape in the mist,
a touch in the rain,
in wilderness you come again.

You tell us what you used to know…
You speak for all the free wild things
whose ways were ours
when the wind had wings.