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DCI Drum Corp Competition – Salem, Va. – Aug 2010

Are you into Drum Corp competitions?  Or maybe you don’t know what that is?  It’s “professional” marching band – at its absolute finest!  These performers are the best of the best.  It’s amazing!! 

I had the opportunity – and the pleasure – to take photographs at the Summer Music Games of Southwest Virginia, held in Salem, Va., in August 2010.  Seven drum corps competed:   Blue Devils, Carolina Crown, Glassmen, Colts, Crossmen, Jersey Surf, and Cascades.  It was an incredible show!  I’ve posted two galleries on of the show.  The first gallery is called “On the Lot,” and it includes photographs of several of the corps unloading, warming up, drilling, etc.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to photograph all of the corps in the pre-show setting, because several of the corps arrived after the competition had started.  The second gallery is called “The Competition,” and it includes photos of all of the competing corps, taken from the stands fairly close to the 50-yard line.  The photos in this section are in the order of the competition, which was the reverse order of the placement of the corps.  (The corps placed in the order that they are listed above.) 

Take a look – and enjoy!


Mississippi Kid Festival & Lynyrd Skynyrd Band

I finally got around to posting my photos from the Mississippi Kid Festival here in Columbus MS back in 2009.  The event was held as a fundraiser for Ean Evans – Mississippi Kid in the Lynyrd Skynyrd Band – and his family.  He died of cancer soon after the concert event. Click the link below and enjoy the photos!

Star Trek – TMP Music Score

I just came across an interesting post on the web site about a 175-page thesis written in 1986 by Cameron N. Patrick, analyzing Jerry Goldsmith’s musical score for Star Trek – The Motion Picture.  Cameron Patrick is a composer, orchestrator, and violinist.  He discusses the history of the score, the instrumentation, themes, cues, and more.  Film Score Monthly has published a downloadable copy of it on their web site, and also has a link for downloading a copy.  See the links below.  Check it out!

Anatomy of a Film Score:  Star Trek – The Motion Picture (Cameron N. Patrick, 1986 thesis,


“and in the in between”

This is hanging in my massage therapist’s office. She got it from a little artsy shop in Memphis.  The artist – and poet – is Kristen Jongen.   

     getting quiet is always good

     in the stillness clarity emerges

     in the breath the answers reveal themselves

     and in the in between

     there is peace


Egg on Your Face – OR – Face on Your Egg?

These photos came to me in an e-mail with no source info…  Click on the thumbnail pics to enlarge.  Enjoy!

Galaxy Zoo

Way back when, did you ever want to be an astronaut?  How about an astronomer?  Remember watching the stars on a cool clear night?  Or looking for shooting stars?  Did you ever talk to the man in the moon?   If you had a chance to be an astronomer now, without going through the years of training, would you do it?  Check out  The Galaxy Zoo project gives us regular folks a chance to help astronomers explore the universe!

Check it out!