Hummingbird Map

Are you wondering when the hummingbirds are going to arrive?  Here’s a link to a map that shows the spring migration locations of Ruby-throated Hummingbirds.  Only male hummingbirds are included.


3 thoughts on “Hummingbird Map

  1. sunparrot Post author

    I use Aspect brand HummZinger Mini feeders for my hummingbirds. They’re saucer-shaped, so the birds can spot them easily, and they’re no-spill. I just lift the lid, pour in the food, and put the lid back on. They also have ant moats built in, so ants can’t get to the food. And the feeders have a continuous perch going around the feeder, so the birds can perch while they feed if they like. The HummZinger Mini holds 8 ounces of food, and if the food gets low, even young males, who may have slightly smaller bills, can still reach the food.

    The feeder you’re considering looks pretty good. If the push-pull feature really works, then it’s no-spill too. And it has perches at each of the feeder ports, which is good too. There are a lot of good feeders out there. Pick one that is convenient for you and the hummers to use, and is easy to clean.

    A couple of things you can pass along to any other people you know who feed hummingbird:
    1 – Use 1 part regular table sugar to 4 parts regular tap water.
    2 – There’s no need to boil the water. We don’t pass along any diseases to the birds and the sugar will dissolve just fine in the water, even if you use cold water.
    3 – Don’t use artificial sweetner or honey or molassas – use only regular table sugar.
    4 – Don’t over-sweeten the food. It kind of “gums up” the hummingbirds’ bills, and they have to take away from their feeding time to clean their bills.
    5 – Don’t add dye to the food. It’s not good for the birds.
    6 – Be sure to change out the food every few days, especially if the feeder sets out in the sun and the days are hot.

    Enjoy your new adventure! And the hummingbirds thank you!


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